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#HospitalitySupport connects families fleeing the war in Ukraine with hotels who can provide shelter for a few nights. What was thought initially to be a small private initiative by Michael Widmann and Christian Walter of PKF hospitality group, has now became bigger. With the help of Jonathan Worsley of The Bench and Preben Vestdam of HotelSwaps,... Read more
The #HospitalitySupport initiative has one single goal: providing temporary hotel accommodation to Ukrainians, who are forced to leave their homes as a result of the war. The initiative connects families on the run from the war in Ukraine with hotels around Europe (and beyond) that want to help and provide free stays.   Key facts Free stays in... Read more
At a moment of a monumental geopolitical crisis, the hospitality sector has stepped up and is playing a role in providing comfort to those who are most distressed. Michael Widmann, Global CEO of PKF hospitality group stated that more than 2,000,000 people have fled Ukraine, where half of his family is from and most of his 20 team members remain,... Read more