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HotelSwaps – Privacy Policy


HotelSwaps takes the privacy of its users’ information very seriously. This policy explains how and for what purposes HotelSwaps uses the information collected about its users via Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By using the website and any services offered through it, you agree to be bound by this policy.


The HotelSwaps program is operated by HotelSwaps LTD, a limited liability company incorporated in England & Wales under registration number 9042589 and with registered address of 243 Kings Road, London SW3 5EL, United Kingdom, who owns the exclusive rights to the trademarks and other intellectual property of the HotelSwaps program (“HotelSwaps”). HotelSwaps LTD is the responsible party for the processing of your personal data.


HotelSwaps is at all times entitled to change the way it collects, transmits and processes the personal information and such other information as it may deem necessary. This Privacy Policy may therefore be amended from time to time in order to reflect such changes.




Any capitalized word in this Privacy Policy shall have the same meaning as applied in the definitions listed in the Hotel Membership Terms & Conditions, which can be found on the website.




Using Hotel Manager and Swap Manager information

HotelSwaps will use personal information provided by Hotel Managers and/or Swap Managers for the following purposes: (i) reviewing the hotel’s membership application; (ii) verifying a Hotel Manager and/or Swap Manager’s identity; (iii) conducting email or written correspondence as necessary to operate the Website and HotelSwaps program; and (iv) obtaining the Hotel Manager or Swap Manager’s opinion on the services HotelSwaps provides.


Using Hotel Member information

HotelSwaps will use Hotel Information provided by Hotel Managers and/or Swap Managers for the following purposes: (i) reviewing the membership application including assessing the Hotel Category and Season of the Hotel Member; (ii) verifying a Hotel Member’s identity and data; (iii) operating the HotelSwaps program including but not limited to the processing of Deposits, HotelCoin Transfers, Reservation Requests and Reservations; (iv) displaying the Hotel Information and the Hotel Member’s Deposits on the Website; and (v) supporting public relations and other promotional activities of HotelSwaps.


Using Guest information

HotelSwaps will use information provided by Guests for the following purposes: (i) processing the Guest’s Reservations; (ii) informing the Guest of his/her Point Balance and its related transactions; (iii) sending the Guest information about HotelSwaps’ services including various options for using his/her HotelCoins; (iv) obtaining the Guest’s opinion on the services HotelSwaps provides; (v) obtaining the Guest’s satisfaction feedback related to their stay(s) at a Hotel Member.


Using Traveler information

When a Guest makes a Reservation for someone else than himself/herself (a Traveler) through HotelSwaps, HotelSwaps will request personal information about the Traveler. HotelSwaps will use information provided by Guests of the Traveler for the following purposes: (i) processing the Traveler’s Reservation; (ii) sending the Traveler information about HotelSwaps’ services; (iii) obtaining the Traveler’s opinion on the services HotelSwaps provides; and (iv) obtaining the Traveler’s satisfaction feedback related to their stay(s) at a Hotel Member. Guests should obtain the consent of any Traveler prior to providing HotelSwaps with their personal information, as any access to view or change their information will only be available through the Guest’s secure login to his/her account.


Using Travel Companion information

HotelSwaps will not request personal information about any Guest’s or Traveler’s travel companion. Notwithstanding, all Guests shall comply with the hotel check-in and check-out procedures, including providing personal information as may be requested by the Hotel Member as regulated by the Hotel Member’s privacy policy and local regulation.




Sharing Guest data with Hotel Members

For each Reservation executed by a Guest, HotelSwaps will share the Guest’s personal information with the Hotel Member for the purpose of organizing for the Guest’s stay at the Hotel Member.


Sharing with service providers

HotelSwaps may from time to time use third party service providers for the delivery of various parts of the HotelSwaps services (the "Service Providers"). These Service Providers may have access to part of the Hotel Members, Hotel Managers, Swap Managers and/or Guest’s personal information in order to perform their services, but are subject to a confidentiality obligation pursuant to which they cannot use, share or disclose the information for any other purpose than delivering such services to HotelSwaps.


Sharing Hotel Manager or Swap Manager data with Programme Suppliers

HotelSwaps will share the contact information of a Hotel Manager or Swap Manager with a Programme Supplier only when the Hotel Manager or Swap Manager instructs HotelSwaps to do so on the Website.


Sharing with website analysis companies

HotelSwaps may use third parties to track detailed visitor activity on specific pages of the Website. Such third parties collect, use, monitor and report on the Website’s data, and they analyze online activities of the Website. When visiting and using the Website, HotelSwaps does not share any personal information about its Hotel Members and Guests with such third parties, who will not collect any personally identifiable information.



Other than as set out above, HotelSwaps will not disclose any personal information without permission of the owner unless required by law to do so.




Hotel Member information

When using HotelSwaps, the Hotel Manager (and Swap Manager if appointed) will be requested to ensure accuracy, completeness and correctness at all times of the Hotel Information and Deposits displayed on Website. HotelSwaps can therefore not guarantee its users that such information is at all times accurate.


Personal information

Users can review the data they have stored with HotelSwaps on the Website. When using HotelSwaps, users agree to ensure accuracy, completeness and correctness at all times of their personal information.




Email correspondence with Hotel Member and Swap Manager

By initiating a membership affiliation request with HotelSwaps, the Hotel Member (and Swap Manager if appointed) agrees to receive (i) email correspondence providing details on the status of its membership as may be relevant during the affiliation process, during the membership, and following a membership termination; (ii) email notifications related to the operation of the HotelSwaps program regarding Deposits, Reservations Requests and HotelCoin Transfers; (iii) arrival lists prior to each Week deposited; and (iv) any other information as deemed relevant by HotelSwaps in regards to the operation of the HotelSwaps program.


Email correspondence with Guests

By using the HotelSwaps services, the Guest agrees to receive (i) emails related to HotelCoins transferred by a Hotel Member; (ii) email notifications confirming reservations, reservation requests and related cancellations if applicable; (iii) emails which HotelSwaps will send promptly after the Guest’s stay at a Hotel Member inviting them to complete a satisfaction feedback form related to their stay at the Hotel Member; and (iv) any other email as deemed relevant by HotelSwaps in regards to the operation of the HotelSwaps program.




Credit card information

Credit card information is transmitted to HotelSwaps through a secure server protocol, which encrypts all personal and credit card information. The encryption method used is the industry standard "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) technology.


Online privacy

Please note that, in accordance with European personal data protection laws, strict security procedures are observed within HotelSwaps to prevent personal data misuse and unauthorized access.


Security procedures

HotelSwaps has implemented and use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions for accessing and using personal information. Only authorized employees and consultants are permitted to access personal information for performing their duties in respect to the HotelSwaps services.




Users’ log in and use of cookies

For improvement of HotelSwap’s service and product, HotelSwaps uses temporary and persistent cookies, authorized third parties cookies and/or other technologies to collect non-personal information such as IP address, browser type and Internet Service Provider. This non-personal information helps HotelSwaps to track browsing behavior, to create specific or tailor-made offers or advertisements, and to monitor and record the visits and use of the Website.


Traffic information

In order to understand how people use HotelSwaps and for marketing analysis and quality improvement purposes, HotelSwaps collects, records, processes and uses on an anonymous basis various data and information, such as the total amount of transactions, viewed web pages, referring/exit pages, platform type, date/time stamp information and details like the number and location of mouse clicks on a given page, mouse movements, scrolling activity and the search words use and the text the User types while being on and using the Website.



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